The 10 Best Online IT Certifications of 2023

Each of these Professional Certificates is self-paced and on the Coursera platform. Take the real-world-projects-based Microsoft Azure training to qualify for Azure Certifications and pursue a career as a certified Azure Solution Architect. Sign up for a certified ethical hacking course to begin your career in the cyber security domain and become the most sought cyber security expert with the required skill sets. If you wish to pursue a career in this field, get some hands-on experience around Big Data Hadoop by enrolling in a Hadoop big data analytics course. Which company does not want a professional that possesses IT skills, as it helps them to overcome their competitors? A tech-savvy professional helps the company present itself as knowledgeable to handle clients’ requirements effectively and efficiently.

Free IT certifications and tech courses are great ways to discover focus areas that interest you and boost your resume before enrolling in paid courses. The certifications, skills, and experience you gain from free courses may be enough to land a job, and provide a solid grounding for more advanced courses if you choose. Once you have earned an IT certification or completed your IT course doesn’t mean your learning curve ends there. A new tech, software, or language is being upgraded or becoming obsolete every minute, so you must always stay up-to-date with these developments and technological advancements. Attend IT or tech seminars and workshops, or participate in offline/online IT communities to keep in touch with these changes. The online CISSP certification training is an internationally recognized credential that shows the candidate has mastered the required knowledge and skills essential to efficiently handle information security issues.

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Other tutorials build proficiency with social media, email, and Google. Work experience to become an IT manager may range from a few years to more than a decade, depending on the organization and the role. Footnote 2 Many jobs in information technology require at least a bachelor’s degree, and online IT courses may help individuals pursuing IT careers to supplement an existing degree. From there, many IT professionals can go on to specialize in a specific field of IT, like networks, security, or cloud computing, either by building experience or gaining relevant certifications. Aptly is an online education provider that specializes in technology and the tech industry, powered by a team of educators, digital marketers, and instructional designers. Through their hands-on, applied education programs, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of students, employees, and marketers gain the skills and knowledge to succeed in the digital economy.

IT support specialists may also train end users on the effective and secure use of various technologies to increase productivity and efficiency. Online IT courses vary widely in terms of price — from free to over $500. Expect to pay more if you’re taking a course provided by a major college or university, or if you’ll get a professional credential when the course is finished. Many online courses offer frequent discounts, so keep your eye on the price.

Advance Your IT Career with ITU Online’s Training Subscriptions

Some online IT courses can be completed in less than 5 hours of study. Others contain multiple modules and are designed to take several weeks or months. This course is aimed at professionals who work alongside software developers, including those in managerial and administrative positions. This course is perfect for learners who want to take the CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications exam and work in the IT industry. Learners can create accounts with Alison or Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc. for free online computer classes and tutorials.

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IT certification courses and information technology degree programs may challenge candidates to stretch as professionals and grow their knowledge and skill sets. That category encompasses a wide range of different roles, as you would expect for such an important area of business operations. Back office professionals responsible for making everyday IT systems are built properly and operate smoothly include IT project managers, computer network architects, database administrators, network administrators. IT security specialists and information security analysts are responsible for creating and maintaining systems to protect the data of both companies and their customers. And IT help desk technicians and other computer support specialists are critical employees to manage relationships with customers.

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